01. We'd like to go skiing this winter, but we can't really [afford] it right now because my wife isn't working.
02. I can't [afford] to go to the bar tonight because I spent too much last week.
03. We're hoping to go to Hawaii for our holidays, but we're not sure if we can [afford] it right now.
04. We can't really [afford] to waste time; if we don't get this done today, we could lose this contract.
05. I would like to be able to [afford] a new car next year, so I won't be going away for the holidays.
06. We can't [afford] to wait for François any longer.
07. The government needs to do something to create more [affordable] housing for lower income families.
08. Arthur Ashe once observed that when bright young minds can't [afford] college, America pays the price.
09. With the salary I earn, I can't imagine ever being able to [afford] to buy my own house.
10. Sandra simply can't [afford] to clothe her children in all the newest fashions.
11. In Taiwan, great respect is [afforded] the elderly.
12. The plains of Afghanistan [afford] nourishing grasses for the raising of livestock.
13. Someone once joked that by the time a couple can [afford] to go out evenings, they have to babysit with the grandchildren.
14. My wife and I both have to work full time in order to be able to [afford] to buy a house.
15. You can't [afford] to miss any classes. Your marks aren't very good right now, and you may fail the course.
16. I saw an ad in the paper for a nice used pick-up truck, but I'm not sure if I can [afford] it.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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